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Holiday cards made easy

Beautiful photos deserve equally beautiful holiday cards. Here's how you get them 😉
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By Jennifer Yeh, Cofounder & COO

Sat, Oct 24 2020

Three people lying on grass and holding hands, looking upwardsPhoto Credit: Shoott

Photo Credit: Shoott  |  Taken at Oyster Bay

No matter where you stand on politics, masks, or Carole Baskin, I think we can all agree that 2020 has been nothing short of challenging. So what better way to close off the year than to commemorate this unique time with holiday cards from Paper Culture and Shoott!

As a single mom, the hustle has been painfully real. Between the arduous demands of startup life (as the COO of Shoott), sustaining multiple human, fur and plant babies, supporting the greater community in light of social unrest and forging some semblance of self-care and a dating life, I, too, have succumbed to days spent in sweats, poppin’ cheese puffs and swiping between Zoom calls.

After quarantining for 6 months, I decided we deserved a little getaway. We chose Long Island as our (drivable) destination. Since Shoott just launched in Long Island, I booked a photo session in Oyster Bay. Multi-tasking at its finest here; We achieved a glorious vacay along with getting holiday cards done early!

Prep 101: The Outfits

I ditched the sweats and splurged on a gown from the oh-so-fancy Rent the Runway. I mean, go big or go home right?! We went for a classy yet dramatic vibe to contrast with the serenity and simplicity of the beach. My daughter chose a structured white dress; My boys packed suits that I bought in March. Twenty minutes before the session, we discovered that my oldest had already outgrown his 🙈. But, we made it work (motto for the year!)

The Photos

The beach was amazing. The session was relaxing and fun (30 minutes was the perfect length). We got the photos within a week, and as if the stars aligned for the first time since January, Shoott signed on to partner with Paper Culture. Based in the Bay Area, Paper Culture is a sustainable eCommerce brand that offers premium photo products. They plant a tree for every order, and if that isn’t reason enough to print with them, their designs are modern and beautiful. Product selection is fantastic with thousands of designs to choose from.

The Cards

After a 4 year hiatus, my holiday cards were made not only possible but also super easy by this one-stop-shop package. The customization process was super user-friendly – think drag and drop and designer assistance. Choosing the card design and photos took the longest (but was also the most fun!). And for the hustler in me, the price was so affordable I even went a touch bougie and opted for rounded corners and pre-printed envelopes. You can take it to the next level by applying foil and upgrading paper thickness.

I received the cards in 10 days and they are, hands-down, my favorite holiday print service to date. 2020 has been filled with things out of my control, but with this, I can at least make a conscious choice that will help save the post office, plant a tree, and commemorate my life with my spawns in this particular moment in time. (It was also a justifiable excuse to look fab since when we do ever get to dress up again?!)

So, if you’re in the market for a holiday card or photo gift solution, do a bit of virtual window shopping with Paper Culture. Aside from holiday cards (printed on 100% recycled paper), they have everything from engagement to birth announcements to photo books along with THE cutest memory card games and wall decals.

Look good, feel good, and do good with holiday cards with Paper Culture and Shoott!

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