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Terms & Conditions

No refunds. By submitting images to Shoott, you certify that you hold the copyright or have the written permission from the photographer to manipulate the photo. By submitting photos to Shoott, you affirm no copyright is being infringed. Shoott will not be liable to you or any third party for such copyright infringement.

Shoott reserves the right to decline a submission and/or refuse service to any customer because of, but not limited to, the following circumstances:

1. An image cannot be retouched or restored to the customer's satisfaction or applicable usage requirement

2. An image that contains abusive, obscene, illegal, or inappropriate content

3. An image that is unsuitable for retouching (i.e. blurry, severe distortions, too small)

4. An image that is incompatible with the retouch request, or the retouch request is unable to be performed because it is impracticable. Shoott will do their best to clearly explain what it can and cannot do, and reserves the right to refuse a request that is impracticable for a retoucher to execute.